Month: January 2020

5 Safety Bollard Factors To Consider

Safety or high-security bollards stop several-ton vehicles going up to 50 miles an hour. They lend themselves to a variety of commercial and industrial environments, including sports and hospital complexes, warehouses, banks, retail and restaurant…

3 Bollard Applications For Stadiums

Bollards are quite useful in a variety of commercial complexes, creating safer spaces that are easier for drivers and pedestrians to navigate. One of the types of complexes that benefit the most from bollards is…

Why Playgrounds Need More Bollards

Playground designs have evolved considerably over the last few decades, replacing steel with plastic and hard ground with rubber, mulch, and other materials that create softer landings. And while playgrounds are arguably safer than ever,…

4 Bollard Applications For Apartment Complexes

While bollards are typically considered a commercial and industrial product, they have numerous residential applications. And although they can be used for individual homes, one of their best applications is for apartment complexes. If you…

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