Month: December 2020

4 Bollard Applications at Food & Wine Festivals

Bollards offer a variety of applications that help make public spaces, work environments, town and city squares, and assorted events safer and more efficient. If you’re planning a big event such as a community food…

4 Bollard Applications in Residential Neighborhoods 

When most people think of bollards, images of parking lots, warehouses, medical complexes, stadiums, storefronts, and parks usually come to mind. Yet bollards offer more than commercial applications, as they are also beneficial to residential…

4 Applications For Bollards in Town Squares

When it comes to improving a town square’s safety, functionality, and appearance, bollards are key. They offer several applications that residents, tourists, and the local government will appreciate. Review some of the best bollard uses…

Why City Planners Should Use Bollards 

As a city planner, the functionality and efficiency of the urban area become top priorities. Bollards help check off all of these planning “boxes,” allowing you to easily improve urban areas. Read on to learn…

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