Lighted Bollard Uses For Hospitals

Like all bollards, lighted bollards lend themselves to a wide variety of settings. They contribute to safer, more secure premises and can help with efficiency issues as well. Among the many uses for lighted bollards is around hospitals; check out how these safety and security products enhance such environments.

Pickup and Dropoff Area

Hospital pickup and dropoff areas are often busy at all times of day and night, particularly if the hospital is the only one in the region or is located in a bustling urban area. Installing lighted bollards in these settings enhances safety and security. They provide more light to help family members, hospital employees, and patients see the ground and what’s around them clearly. Everyone involved in the pickup or dropoff will feel better about it because they don’t have to “find their way” in a dimly-lit setting. Any unscrupulous individuals who think they can prey on distressed family members will stay away as well.

Parking Lots

Parking lots are not always well-lit and can therefore create serious safety issues for drivers. Whether they are looking for parking or trying to get out of the lot, drivers need all the light they can get to stay safe. This can be especially important for family members who are upset about their loved ones’ hospital stays. Adding lighted bollards to hospital parking lots helps distracted drivers remain in their designated lanes, if applicable, and safe.


Busy hospital crosswalks are safer and more secure with lighted bollards. Like parking lots, crosswalks feature people coming and going at all hours, including those who are distracted by their loved ones’ illnesses, injuries, or other health issues. Keeping crosswalks lit up throughout the night provides invaluable peace of mind. And since lighted bollards are typically illuminated by LED bulbs, keeping them on all night is not a severe energy or hospital bank account drain.


Many hospitals feature courtyards for staff to take breaks and family members to get fresh air. Patients often use these courtyards as well if they are able. Installing lighted bollards in and around hospital courtyards keeps them lit up as the sun goes down so various individuals can enjoy them for longer. If the courtyard is near a street, the bollards provide the illumination necessary for safety and security. Drivers are always more aware of any area that is well-lit. Browse our lighted bollard selection at 1800Bollards today.

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