How Bollards Differ From Coast To Coast

It’s no secret that bollards come in a variety of sizes, colors, shapes, and materials, and are used for a number of applications. Among the ways bollards vary is how they differ from coast to coast, including their roles in two of the biggest U.S. states, California and New York. Let’s take a quick look at these differences and perhaps learn a little more about both states.

Sleek Versus Sunny

A visit to the Golden Coast and you’ll see many more yellow bollards than black ones. Yellow bollards pepper the perpetually-sunny state compared to the sleek black bollards on so many New York City streets. Los Angeles and other cities in California also tend to feature more colored bollards than New York, as well as more brushed stainless steel options.


Bike commuting is common in West Coast cities such as San Diego, San Francisco, and Irvine, something reflected in the state’s bollard uses. Bollards are frequently utilized as bike locks in these cities to promote an outdoor, eco-friendly lifestyle. New York may not have the bike commuter numbers of its western counterparts, however, it features more miles of bike lanes and paths than any U.S. city. Since bike commuting will likely increase in New York, it would not be surprising if more bike lock bollards crop up.

Bike locks are naturally one application cities on both coasts use bollards for, as they are also utilized as storefront protection, and in and around stadiums, medical complexes, parking lots, parks, and storefronts.


As you wander the streets of New York, you will come upon bollards inspired by the city’s rich and varied history, such as those in the Dutch and older English styles. Tudor, Gothic, and Victorian influences are also evident in New York, as well as those from the modernist era– the city is home to MOMA, after all. Bollards in the style of black cannons are among those you’ll see in New York.

Like New York, the history of California plays a huge role in its architecture, from Mexican adobe-style homes to those in the Spanish stucco style. And while bollards may be a small architectural detail, the colors they feature throughout California are indicative of the vibrant history and look great against the Mediterranean climate.

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