How Bollards Improve Hospital Safety

Permanent bollards, also known as safety bollards, provide a wide variety of businesses and organizations with the extra security they need. This security extends to hospitals, all of which greatly benefit from bollard installation. If your hospital is considering bollards, use the following advantages to convince other decision-makers that the installations are worth it:

Protects Large Glass Doors & Walls

Many hospitals feature large glass doors, including revolving doors, as well as glass windows and walls. The first floors of such hospitals are subsequently vulnerable to traffic picking patients up and dropping them off. Vehicular accidents can occur at any time, such as a tired bus driver who takes his eyes off the road for a moment and swerves into a glass wall, or a patient driving herself to the hospital in a panic who crashes into the revolving glass door. Concrete and metal bollards prevent vehicles of all sizes from crashing into the first floor of the hospital. Look for safety bollards capable of withstanding vehicular speeds of up to 55 miles an hour for best results.

Prevents Intentional Vehicular Crashes

Not only do safety bollards protect hospital structures from unintentional accidents, they also create effective barriers against intentional crashes. While such crashes are rare, it is still a good idea to prepare for them. The Memorial Health System of East Texas, for example, had to escort a belligerent patient from the building some years ago. The individual drove his pickup truck through a plate glass window in the emergency room section, something that could have easily been prevented with sturdy security bollards.

Promotes Greater Sense Of Security

High-quality bollards promote a wonderful sense of security and safety. They help patients and staff relax knowing they are safe from unruly vehicle drivers so they can provide and receive the best care possible, respectively. Many hospital staff members take smoke breaks due to the intensity of their jobs, and bollards help them stay safe from the traffic so often around the emergency room and other hospital doors. Patients also feel safe entering and exiting the hospital with bollards separating them from traffic.

Makes Traffic Navigation Easy

Bollards help guide traffic through large hospital complexes. People entering hospitals or driving their loved ones to medical facilities are not always in the best state of mind, so bollards make it easier for them to know where they need to get to. Find the perfect bollards for your hospital at 1800Bollards today.

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