3 Bollard Applications For Arboretums

Arboretums are favorite places for horticulture enthusiasts and anyone who appreciates the beauty of the natural world. Since these flower-heavy attractions are often busy, they can benefit from bollards. These security products offer a variety of applications within arboretum grounds, all of which contribute to the attraction’s safety and security. Review some of the most popular uses for bollards in arboretums to help determine what’s best for yours.

1. Parking Lot Safety

Perhaps your arboretum is located near a high-traffic street or area, and there are always cars going by. Surrounding your parking lot(s) with high-security bollards helps keep parked cars damage-free and their drivers safe. They cause 5,000-pound vehicles going 30 miles an hour or more to stop, which avoids potentially catastrophic damage. Attendees will appreciate the protective barrier bollards create, as it helps them navigate the parking lot behind the wheel and on foot safely. Parking lots are among the most dangerous places, as vehicles are constantly coming and going. People on foot exacerbate the risk, so anything you can do to make your arboretum parking lot safer, such as installing bollards, helps tremendously.

2. Delicate Plant Zone Protection

It is not uncommon for arboretums to feature a wide variety of exotic and fragile plants, both in the building and on the grounds. If your arboretum includes one or more areas with such plants that need extra protection for testing and maintenance reasons, bollards provide an ideal solution. Removable bollards can be placed around the fragile plant areas as needed to let customers know that the areas are off-limits. Bright-colored bollards, such as yellow models, are the most visible to provide optimal protection.

3. Special Events

Arboretums and their surrounding grounds are often popular spaces for special events, including weddings, anniversary and birthday parties, and retirement shindigs. If your arboretum offers special event services on the grounds, consider adding bollards to your product list. Chain-linked bollards in eye-catching shapes and colors make it obvious that the event is private, which keeps customers from wandering in and potentially helping themselves to the buffet table or bar. Those paying for the event will appreciate your efforts in keeping the outdoor gathering private, and will likely recommend your arboretum to their friends and family members for future events. Bollards subsequently boost your business’s reputation as one ideal for special events. Find the ideal bollards for your arboretum today at 1800Bollards.

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