4 Bollard Applications in Condo Complexes

Condominiums vary widely, with some featuring a community of separate apartment buildings and others falling into the high-rise category. If you are the owner or manager of a condo complex, bollards can enhance the commercial space’s safety and security in numerous ways. Review some of their best applications as you consider what’s right for your condominium.

Pickup/Dropoff Areas

Many condos feature designated pickup and dropoff areas for residents coming and going, the local mail carrier, FedEx and UPS drivers, and other delivery drivers. Flanking these areas with bollards helps protect the entrance from wayward drivers who might accidentally drive where they should not because of exhaustion, distraction, or intoxication. Bollards also provide places for residents to stand behind while they wait to be picked up by family members, friends, partners, taxis, Ubers, and Lyfts, which provides a greater sense of security.

Parking Lots

Condos often include parking lots, whether indoors or out. If the condominium in question features a multi-level parking garage, for example, retractable bollards add a layer of security to the garage entrance. The bollards retract only when the driver swipes their condo card or key fob, which helps keep people who might try to bypass the entrance kiosk out. Bollards can also be used to improve security within parking lots, such as creating safe walkway areas for people on foot. If the parking lot in question is outdoors, high-security bollards that line the perimeter prevent intoxicated, tired, and distracted drivers from accidentally hitting parked cars and residents.

Event Security

While condos often have events within their grounds, such as around the community pool, they can also schedule gatherings off-premise. If a party or other special gathering is outdoors on the premises or off-site at a local library, for example, removable bollards can be used to surround the event area. This helps keep uninvited guests out who might try to blend in with invited guests for free food and drink opportunities. Invited guests subsequently enjoy greater peace of mind, because they know the event will remain private. To help emphasize privacy, chain-linked removable bollards can be used.

Work Areas

Condos need work periodically to keep them aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound. Removable bollards surrounding all work areas tell residents to stay away, to avoid sustaining injuries or accidentally causing damage. Workers get to do their jobs with fewer interruptions as a result. Find the ideal bollards for your condo today at 1800Bollards.

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