3 Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Bollards

Bollards make welcome additions to many businesses, as these safety products offer numerous applications. If your business features bollards and you think it might be time for an upgrade but are not sure, review the following signs that will tell you it’s time to replace your bollards so that you can continue reaping the same benefits.

1. You Are Constantly Repainting Them

Consider an upgrade if your bollards are painted and the paint always seems to be chipping, fading, or cracking. Bollards with chipping and peeling paint are not the most attractive objects and can dissuade consumers from patronizing your business. If the bollards or any other exterior feature is not “up to snuff,” it can make customers wonder what else has not been maintained. By replacing the bollards in a timely manner, consumers will be none the wiser and you will enjoy a more visually-pleasing exterior.

2. An Increasing Number of Dents & Dings

Metal bollards are subject to dents, dings, and similar damage. Depending on their location and the business you operate, such damage can take years to accumulate. If you recently inspected your metal bollards and there are more dings and dents than you can count, it is time to replace them. Any other significant damage requires bollard replacements as well, such as graffiti or other vandalism, corrosion from salt air, or rust relating to deteriorating paint.

3. Heavier-Duty Bollards Are Needed

You may have used portable bollards for years, but need to upgrade to permanent, or high-security options. For example, let's say you used portable bollards outside of your storefront to let passers-by know about various sidewalk issues, such as slippery or icy terrain, or to create a barrier around your storefront. However, portable bollards may not be able to provide the kind of protection your storefront now needs. With an increase in traffic, the chances of property damage and safety concerns increases which may lead you to invest in permanent, high-security bollards. Permanent bollards create an almost impenetrable barrier that keeps wayward vehicles away from your business. Whether the driver is intoxicated, distracted, or drowsy, they cannot drive up onto the sidewalk when high-security bollards are present. In addition to providing your business and surrounding entities with commercial property protection, these bollards help consumers feel safer as they walk down the street near your property. Browse the bollard selection at 1800Bollards today to find what your business needs.

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