3 Uses For Bollards at Retail Stores

There are many different types of bollards including portable, removable, lighted, permanent, or safety. Bollards lend themselves to a wide variety of businesses, including retail stores. If you own a retail business that is currently bollard-free, review some applications that will make your commercial premises safer and more efficient.

1. Glass Storefront/‘Smash and Grab’ Protection

If you have patronized at least one Target in your life like most people, you probably noticed the large, red, permanent bollards in front of the store’s entrance. These installations prevent vehicles from hitting the store’s sizable glass doors, which prevents hundreds if not thousands in property damage. Shoppers also tend to feel safer after walking past the bollards, since they stop vehicles from going any further. This allows shoppers to check their bags or otherwise take a few minutes before walking in or out of the store. Retail stores that use bollards in this way protect themselves from property damage, shopper injuries, and premise liability lawsuits. They also prevent “smash and grab” issues. Such issues occur when a driver intentionally drives into a glass storefront, creating a commotion that allows their partners to grab as much merchandise, cash, and other items of value as possible. By protecting your storefronts with the correct perimeter security, you’ll deter “smash and grabs.”

2. Shopping Cart Organization

Shopping cart “garages” or “return centers” pepper most large retail and grocery store parking lots. They generally stay put until a worker moves them, which helps prevent shopper injuries and vehicle damage. However, carts are also typically in front of the stores, meaning they might not be as secure. For example, a cart can hit a shopper on a windy day, resulting in serious injuries and a premise liability lawsuit. By keeping carts at the front of the business together with chain-linked portable bollards, the accident risk decreases significantly. You’ll enjoy greater peace of mind as a result, since premise liability lawsuits are expensive and bad for business. Shoppers will also feel better knowing the carts are secure until they are needed.

3. Loading Dock Protection

Depending on the size of your retail establishment, you might have a loading dock. As delivery trucks back into the docking area, they can accidentally hit the sides of the entrance, resulting in building damage. Over time, large chunks of the entrance can break off, resulting in cosmetic issues and expensive repairs. By installing permanent bollards on either side of the loading dock entrance, you are protecting your building from unnecessary damage and your wallet from unnecessary costs. If a delivery truck does make contact, it is with the bollards, not the building. Bright-colored bollards also provide drivers with objects to focus on while they back up for more streamlined deliveries. Find the perfect bollards for your retail store today at 1800Bollards.

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