3 Types Of Bollards: Which Is Best For Your Retail Business?

Those metal and concrete posts you see around retail plazas, schools, grocery stores, municipalities, office buildings, stadiums, shopping malls, and other commercial buildings and establishments aren’t all built the same. In fact, bollards offer a variety of applications, but are most commonly used to improve traffic flow and safety. Since bollards come in a range of types and styles, however, how do you know which are ideal for your retail business? Let’s review three options to aid your decision:

Fixed Bollards

Fixed, or security bollards are those installed into permanent footings and are typically made of steel or concrete. They range in diameter and thickness as well as style. You will typically find them in parking garages to help control traffic; however, they are also used in warehouses to protect doors and shelves from forklifts and other heavy machinery. If traffic in your retail business parking lot has increased significantly over the past few months, you may want to install fixed bollards to promote safety. Fixed bollards also help distinguish parking lot boundaries if yours is connected to adjoining business lots.

High Security Bollards

Crash-rated, high security bollards stop vehicles of up to 15,000 pounds going 30 to 50 miles per hour. They prevent what is known as “smash and grabs,” or when a driver intentionally drives into a retail establishment or other commercial building with the intention of grabbing as many products as possible in two minutes of less. High security bollards also protect your retail business from elderly drivers. These drivers sometimes mistakenly hit the gas instead of the brake pedal as they are backing out of parking spaces in front of your building.

Threaded Base Bollards

These bollards come in several material options, including stainless steel, carbon steel, and galvanized steel, and feature internal bases that bolt into the ground. This allows the bollard to be twisted down into the ground to create a seamless look. Threaded base bollards work well in large retail and grocery establishments because they protect shelving, refrigerators, and freezers from shopping carts, pallet jackets, and various equipment. If your retail store has grown in size or you are constantly paying for repairs due to cart and pallet damage, threaded base bollards provide the solution your store and budget needs.

Invest in bollards to save money on property damage and enjoy a safer and more functional business. Call 1-800-BOLLARDS today.

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