Does Your Restaurant Need Bollards? 3 Telltale Signs

Bollards come in a range of types and styles, including removable, retractable, and permanent models, those designed specifically for safety, and options with lights or waste receptacles. If you own a restaurant, pub, cafe, or other eatery, you may benefit greatly from bollard installations. Here are three clear signs it is time to order bollards for your establishment:

Parking Lot Disorder

Parking lots are unfortunately some of the most dangerous places for drivers. People are constantly parking and backing up and out in addition to people walking around. If your restaurant’s parking lot has become a magnet for fender benders or people are constantly shouting at each other to move out of the way, bollards may be the ideal solution. They create clear paths for those walking to and from your restaurant, identify lot start and end points, and prevent cars from accidentally driving up on sidewalks and medians. Whether you plan to expand your parking lot or not, bollards provide a wonderful asset.

One Or More Storefront Accidents

Car accidents occur at any time in any number of ways, and occasionally result in storefront damage. If your restaurant is located within a strip mall, for example, a vehicle could spin out of control and crash into the sidewalk if not the eatery’s front window. Perhaps this has happened to your establishment already or you recently moved to a new location and are concerned about the level of traffic in the area. Bollards installed along the edges of sidewalks provide a protective buffer between the street and your restaurant. They subsequently minimize damage to your establishment because you no longer have to worry about a car or truck suddenly crashing through the front window and causing thousands in property damage. You also don’t have to worry about the safety of your patrons, as one bad accident can make anyone hesitant to buy from a restaurant or other business.

Outside Patio Problems

Perhaps your restaurant features an outside patio with a wrought iron fence. While such fences are aesthetically-pleasing, they provide a false sense of security because they are not strong enough to stop a bike much less a car. Removable, retractable, and permanent bollards increase the security around the patio to keep patrons safe from wayward vehicles.

Enjoy these and other benefits bollards provide by calling us at 1-800-BOLLARDS today! Our team will happily help you choose the perfect bollards for your restaurant.

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