3 Uses For Bollards at Community Holiday Events

The craziness of the holiday season can be a lot, which often means distracted pedestrians and drivers alike. If you are busy planning a holiday event in your community, bollards can make a welcome addition to your list of needed products. Review a few community holiday event applications for bollards to help determine what your occasion requires.

1. Road Blocks

If you need to block off one or a few roads for the holiday event, consider using bollards. They are generally accepted as more attractive than traffic cones and “do not enter” temporary fencing materials, and can be linked together with chains. And since bollards come in a wide range of colors and styles, it is possible to select those that complement your holiday event color scheme. For example, you could use silver-colored portable bollards at one end of the street and red or green-tinted bollards on the other side. You can also equip some of the bollards with signage, such as “Santa Claus This Way,” “Welcome to Christmas Village” or “Mulled Wine Here.”

2. Restroom & Food Truck Line Creation

Portable bollards offer many uses, including line creation. Since most community events, holiday-related or otherwise, feature innumerable food and beverage trucks, bollards can be used to create distinct waiting lines. They also lend themselves to portable restroom lines, which prevents people from waiting in a big, disorderly group and possibly getting into arguments with fellow attendees. By establishing lines before the event takes place, you’ll create a more harmonious holiday occasion for everyone in attendance to enjoy.

3. Petting Zoo Assistance

Perhaps your holiday event includes a small, nativity-themed petting zoo featuring at least one donkey and a few sheep. While you probably want to use plastic net fencing to establish your “petting zoo,” you can reinforce the temporary fencing with bollards. Having the fencing material connected to bollards helps it stay upright, as such fencing is known for leaning to one side of the other. Rather than your event becoming famous for runaway farm animals, use bollards to keep the fuzzy friends where they belong. You can also use bollards to create an unmistakable entrance to the little zoo, with bright hues recommended since it gets dark so early this time of year.

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