Why Small City Streets Need Bollards

Bollards increase safety in a variety of environments, including residential neighborhoods. They are especially welcome on small city streets, such as those where individuals driving large vehicles have difficulty. If you are a city planner considering bollards for these streets, review what makes them so important.

They Help Drivers Stay Off Of Curbs

Installing high-security bollards along small city street curbs helps drivers remain on the road keeping them, their vehicles, and pedestrians safe. Going up on a curb is a common issue for drivers navigating these streets, particularly when there is a line of parked cars on the other side of the road. By making it easier for drivers to drive straight, bollards prevent vehicle damage. Driving up on a curb can jar vehicles and throw their alignment off, which creates issues with handling and subsequently safety issues. Depending on the force of the impact, driving on and off a curb can cause more severe vehicle problems, such as cracked transmissions that can eventually lead to further issues down the road.

They Protect Houses & Commercial Buildings

Lining small city street curbs with high-security bollards is a protective measure for the residences or buildings behind them. For example, if the city street in question features rowhouses, bollards prevent wayward drivers from driving up on the curb and possibly into a rowhouse’s steps, outdoor furniture, planters, or even the front door. Bollards protect businesses in the same manner, as well as any historical buildings. Preserving historical buildings with help from bollards keeps them relatively intact for generations, allowing people of all ages to explore and appreciate them. By protecting homes and commercial buildings with bollards, drivers on small city streets save themselves from legal claims and possibly paying hundreds or thousands in damages.

They Help Neighborhood Children Stay Safe

Keeping children who play on city sidewalks safe is naturally a concern. High-security bollards provide a protective measure that allows the children to play on small streets in relative safety. If a car does drive up on the sidewalk, the vehicle is stopped by the bollards and cannot reach the children. Parents who allow their children to play in front of their houses enjoy greater peace of mind because the risk of vehicle collisions decreases significantly. As a result, kids get to focus on having fun instead of watching
every car that drives by. Find the bollards your small city streets need today at 1800Bollards.

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