3 Uses For Bollards at Ski Resorts

Bollards offer seemingly-endless applications, including those ideal for large recreational areas. Ski resorts are among these areas and there are several ways bollards can be utilized to create safer, more secure premises. Review uses for bollards at these resorts as you consider what your ski area might need.

1. Ski Village Storefront Protection

Some ski resorts, such as Mont Tremblant in Quebec, Canada, feature vibrant villages full of shops, restaurants, and pubs. If a ski village is close to a busy street, permanent security bollards become essential additions. They are typically installed along sidewalk curbs to prevent intoxicated, distracted, and drowsy drivers from making contact with pedestrians, storefronts, and anything else on the sidewalks, such as benches and fire hydrants. High-security bollards stop vehicles from going up to 50 miles an hour, making them essential safety products in ski villages, busy downtown areas, and anywhere else where traffic is often heavy.

2. ‘Under Construction’ Area Protection

When a ski lift, village store or other destination, or any other area in the ski resort is under construction, portable bollards tell skiers to stay away. They make it clear the area is not to be breached since doing so can result in serious injuries. Bollards can be connected with chain links to create clear barriers; adding signage with wording such as “Keep Out”, “Area Under Construction,” and “Do Not Enter” also helps. Arranging portable bollards in front of under-construction areas avoids legal issues if anyone does enter, because they ignored the barriers and signage, and therefore cannot file claims.

3. Parking Garage Entrances

Ski resort parking garages and lots benefit from bollards in several ways, including their entrances. Since it is important to ensure that guests are the only one's parking at resort lots and garages, retractable bollards provide an extra security layer. They retract only when the guest inputs the right code or swipes the proper card. If they do not have the right information, they cannot park in the lot or garage. Retractable bollards also help stagger guest entries to prevent chaotic lots and garages. The number of drivers going and coming, and people on foot lessens to reduce the risk of minor to serious accidents. If a ski resort parking lot is near a busy street, permanent security bollards can be installed along the perimeter to protect people and parked cars.

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