4 Uses For Bollards at Libraries

Bollards are among the most versatile safety and security products on the market today. They lend themselves to a wide variety of settings, including libraries. These typically- nonprofit organizations are often community hubs that host events in addition to providing spaces to read and check out books. Review some of the ways libraries around the country can utilize bollards as you consider what is ideal for your library.

1. Private Event Barriers

Many libraries throughout the country hold special events, including private events where people rent the interior space or the grounds. When a private event at a library is held outdoors, such as a birthday party, retirement celebration, wedding anniversary, or anything else, bollards are helpful if not essential. When linked with chains, portable bollards create barriers that prevent crashers from gaining event access. They subsequently contribute to invaluable peace of mind, because the chances of “uninvited guests” eating the food, drinking the beverages, and picking up any swag or event gifts lessen significantly. The event organizers can relax and enjoy the festivities instead of keeping a “weather eye out.”

2. Pathway Illuminators

Some libraries feature expansive grounds where people can read on park benches and enjoy the landscaping. Paved paths that wind through the grounds need to be lit up at night for safety, security, and premises liability purposes. Staggering lighted bollards on either side of such pathways provide an attractive way of keeping them illuminated. Those who enjoy the grounds in the early evening can easily see their way around, which is especially essential when summer turns to fall and the days get shorter.

3. Parking Lot Protection

Adjacent parking lots can call for bollards depending on where the libraries are located. For example, if the library is in the middle of a bustling urban area and the flow of nearby traffic is constant, permanent security bollards are recommended. They can stop vehicles going up to 50 miles an hour, which helps prevent everything from minor fender benders with parked cars to catastrophic accidents with pedestrians. Surrounding a library parking lot with permanent bollards once again provides peace of mind.

4. Construction Area Barriers

Whether inside the library or out, construction areas need barriers and signage for protective and premise liability reasons. Chain-linked portable bollards make it obvious an area is under construction and to stay away. If a library patron breaches the barrier and sustains an injury, they cannot take legal action because the area was clearly off-limits. Find the bollards your library needs at 1800Bollards today.

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