3 Uses For Removable Bollards At Libraries

Libraries are not the commercial spaces typically associated with bollards, but that does not mean these safety products cannot be very beneficial. They provide a variety of applications that make libraries safer for employees and readers alike. Learn about some of the best ways to utilize bollards in library settings to inspire your safety efforts.

1. Grounds Protection

Installing high-security crash-rated bollards on the curbs surrounding a library creates a virtually impenetrable barrier between the building, its landscaping and oncoming traffic. Such bollards stop vehicles going up to 50 miles an hour, a benefit that can save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars worth of damage. This efficient type of protection also helps those patronizing the library or simply walking by the building, because they remain out of any wayward vehicle’s way. By protecting the library grounds with high-security bollards, the risk of premise liability lawsuits decreases. Bollards subsequently save money not only on building and landscaping damage, but medical bills and non-economic damages from legal claims. They also show that your library is dedicated to safety, which can boost the library’s reputation in the community.

2. Private Event Designation

Libraries are popular private event venues, often providing space for birthday parties, retirement shindigs, and even weddings. If the event is outside the library but still on the premises, bollards ensure the party remains private. Removable bollards linked together with chains make it clear that the event is not for the public, which prevents “crashers” from enjoying “free” food and drinks. Those paying to host their event at the library will appreciate your efforts to maintain event privacy and might recommend the space to their family and friends.

3. Community Event Assistance

In addition to their private event applications, removable bollards lend themselves to community events at libraries. For example, they can be used to create temporary parking areas, designated lines for portable restrooms and food trucks, and play areas for young children. Portable bollards also work as special play and relief areas for pets, which encourages event-goers to bring their four-legged friends.

Should streets surrounding the library need blocking off for any reason, bollards once again provide an effective solution. They can also be used to hold signs indicating where certain event happenings are located, such as book readings or puppet shows.

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