Why Commercial Remodeling Projects Need Bollards

Whether your commercial remodeling project concerns a restaurant, retail shop,
boutique, office building, or any other sizable structure, consider adding bollards to your product list to increase production and safety. Bollards lend themselves to a wide variety of projects, making them both safer for workers and pedestrians. Read on to review some of the many ways to utilize these safety posts at your remodeling site.

Perimeter Safety

High-security bollards surrounding the perimeter of your commercial remodel make it clear that the site is for workers exclusively. Unfortunately, many commercial construction and remodeling sites are appealing to young children who do not understand the dangers involved. As with unfenced swimming pools, these sites become “attractive nuisances” that can result in legal claims from the parents of injured children. By placing bold-colored bollards around your site and linking them with chains, you reduce your premise liability risk significantly. Anyone who enters the site forgoes their legal rights and cannot take related actions against you or your business. Using high-security crash rated bollards around your work site also protects your team members, as the posts create effective barriers against street traffic. These bollards are capable of stopping several-ton vehicles going up to 50 miles an hour, which helps your team stay safe. Productivity will likely increase as a result, because the workers are focused on their jobs and not the position of nearby traffic.

Designated Lunch Break Areas

Since removable bollards are just that–removable–they offer numerous applications in workplaces. Among them is the creation of worksite break areas. Bright yellow removable bollards, for example, can surround and designate a specific seating area that will allow employees to enjoy their lunch and other work breaks in peace. While these bollards are not capable of stopping traffic, they create clear barriers that separate workers from the equipment, machinery, and tools.

Equipment Protection

Heavy machinery and large equipment benefit from high-security, removable, or retractable bollard installations. If you install high-security bollards, for example, the machinery enjoys protection from a variety of impacts, including team members operating other machinery or equipment. If installing high security bollards is not possible, removable bollards with chain links will still provide a degree of protection due to increased visibility.

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