4 Applications For Bollards At Theme Parks

Theme park safety is a constant priority for the owners and managers, especially in light of COVID-19. Bollards are among the safest products that benefit amusement parks in numerous ways, all of which help customers remain safe and secure. Review some of the top applications for bollards at theme parks to inspire your planning efforts.

1. Social Distancing

Parks and other attractions are generally still implementing mandates for COVID-19- related reasons, such as wearing masks, staying home if you feel ill, and maintaining social distancing. Bollards arguably offer the most benefits in terms of social distancing, as they cannot be washed away or worn down, unlike sidewalk paint and assorted decals. They provide clear, immediately-noticeable markers designating 6 feet of space, which helps keep ride and concession lines orderly and safe. There is also no need to repaint the bollards or purchase new decals for re-sticking purposes, which saves money and labor.

2. Parking Lot Safety

Bollards are invaluable parking lot additions, especially for lots facing busy streets. Permanent, high-security bollards create impenetrable perimeters around the lots that prevent distracted, drowsy, and intoxicated drivers from driving into the parking areas and potentially hitting parked cars, other drivers looking for spaces, and pedestrians. Crashed-tested high-security bollards stop cars going up to 30 miles an hour to avoid these issues and the related problems they create, including legal action and reputation damage. They can also be used to create walkways within the parking lot, which prevents drivers from accidentally hitting pedestrians and potentially causing major accidents.

3. Under-Construction Areas

It is not uncommon for some theme park areas to be under construction, such as rides that need repair or new sections intended for concessions and relaxation. Adding bollards in front of the entrances to these areas tells customers to stay out since they can sustain injuries or cause property damage. If any customers ignore the bollards, they forfeit their right to legal action in the event of an injury since such individuals become trespassers who cannot file personal injury claims.

4. Perimeter Safety

The streets surrounding theme parks are often busy with high traffic, which increases the risk of driver-pedestrian accidents. Adding high-security bollards to the sidewalks surrounding your theme park prevents wayward drivers from accidentally driving onto said ‘walks and possibly harming pedestrians. Bollards also protect concession stand workers and ticket takers. Find the ideal bollards for your theme park today at 1800Bollards.

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