4 Signs That Your Business Needs Lighted Bollards

Lighted bollards provide illumination where it is needed, such as sidewalks and driveways. If you are a business owner thinking about investing in illuminated bollards but have not made a decision yet, let this guide help. The following telltale signs call for bollards to maintain safe, secure premises.

1. Tripping-Related Accidents Have Increased

Walkways and any other paths surrounding your business require illumination for nighttime safety reasons. Without sufficient light, the risk of trip-and-fall-related accidents increases. If you have dealt with such accidents recently and are possibly facing personal injury claims, add lighted bollards to your walkways. Use them to flank the paths on one or both sides depending on walkway width to significantly reduce nighttime accidents. Installations reduce premise liability issues because people cannot claim that you did not provide quality lighting and therefore contributed to their accident.

2. Signage Requires More Light

If your business does not use LED signs or other illuminated signage, you could miss out on revenue. Customers might walk or drive by your business because they do not see or cannot read the signs, and may even complain about the lacking signage on social media. Lighted bollards keep signs visible as the sun sets to help you avoid disgruntled customers and lost revenue.

3. Crime Rates Are Higher

Light deters intruders, trespassers, and other unscrupulous individuals who might attempt muggings, robberies, vandalism, and other crimes. Rethinking your nighttime lighting scheme with help from bollards contributes to a lower crime rate and peace of mind. Customers and employees feel safer walking around the premises at night and appreciate your commitment to safety. And because lighted bollards typically feature LED lights, you won’t have to worry about significantly higher electric bills or having to replace the bulbs too soon. LEDs last 10,000 hours or more.

4. Outdoor Art Installations Need Illumination

Perhaps your business features a variety of outdoor art installations for customers and passers-by to enjoy. Keeping art illuminated at night time with lighted bollards allows people to view the installations despite the surrounding darkness. The light from bollards also helps protect outdoor art from vandalism, which avoids expensive restoration and repair costs. Even if you routinely change the outdoor art surrounding your business, the bollards continue to provide illumination. Whether you need lighted bollards or other versions of these versatile safety products, visit 1800Bollards today to browse our wide selection.

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