4 Types Of Drive-Thru Bollard Applications

Bollards offer a variety of commercial, industrial, and even personal applications, including those that are ideal for drive-thrus. Numerous businesses feature drive-thrus or similar areas, all of which benefit from bollards. They protect employees, customers, equipment, and building structures among other things. Let’s look at four types of drive-thrus ideal for bollard applications:

Drive-Thru Restaurants

Perhaps the most common image that springs to mind when people hear the word “drive-thru” is fast food establishments. Owners of these restaurants must protect the menu board and ordering speaker, as damage to either can halt production and result in lost revenue. These restaurants must also protect the employee window where customers receive and pay for food, as well as the building itself. Since obtaining fast food fare through a drive-thru requires reaching out of car windows, many customers drive close to the building so they do not have to extend their arms too much.

All of these areas benefit from permanent, high-security bollard installations to keep everything in working order and looking good.

Automatic Car Washes

Automatic car washes feature numerous pieces of delicate specialty equipment as well asteller machines, all of which require solid protection to keep these businesses in operation. Car wash entrances and exits also need protection to prevent building damage as drivers line their vehicles on the tracks. Bollards make it easy to keep automatic car washes in operation.

Payment Shacks

Parking garages and lots often feature payment shacks that drivers roll up to in order to pay for their time. High-security bollards keep these shacks safe from intentional and accidental vehicular ramming that can severely damage the structure and injure attendees. Bollards provide the same benefits for security guard shacks in business complexes.


Narrow lanes and costly equipment make up the drive-thru teller lanes at banks around the country and world. Many of these banks feature automatic teller machines as well as service from bank employees. Teller machines are particularly vulnerable since thieves can ram the machines in an attempt to break them open and steal their monetary contents. This kind of theft is known as “crash and grab.” Bollards keep these machines safe from vehicular damage in addition to protecting the bank itself from turning cars and trucks.

If you need bollards for your drive-thru or any other reason, contact 1800Bollards. Our online bollard wholesaler site offers a variety of high-quality products that keep people and building structures safe.

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