3 Tips For Spacing Bollards

Spacing bollards properly is the key to successful installation. How they should be spaced depends on a number of factors, such as what the bollard is being used for. Those placed around a warehouse loading dock, for example, have different spacing requirements than bollards within a medical complex or in front of a store. If you recently ordered bollards for a commercial, industrial, or personal project, keep these spacing tips in mind to save time, money, and frustration.

Emergency Exit Factor

Arguably the most important spacing issue is whether the bollards are within emergency exit areas. If they are, they must be spaced to allow individuals in wheelchairs to pass through as per the Americans with Disabilities Act. Four feet is the most common space between bollards in emergency exit areas; they must be a minimum of three feet apart to avoid violating the disabilities act.

If emergency vehicle access is also a factor, consider removable or retractable bollards that present no barrier between the building door and emergency assistance.

Car & Truck Traffic

Is managing car or truck traffic your main reason for bollard installation? Then you should space them about five feet apart. This prevents large vehicles as well as smart cars and other small vehicles from passing between the bollards and causing an accident or injury. Bollards around sports stadiums, in front of stores, and around parking lots are among the projects requiring this type of spacing. Remember, however, that in most cases the ADA requires at least 3 feet between bollards for wheelchair accessibility.

Your selected bollards should also be able to withstand vehicular impact, so choose high- security options.

Utility Protection

Perhaps your bollard project concerns protecting a utility main or another object such as a delicate sculpture or other art installation. Maybe you want to prevent people from walking on grass or landscaped areas to keep the spaces pristine. Bollards for these and similar projects can be spaced much closer together since pedestrian traffic is not an issue – rather, you are keeping such traffic away from the object in question. You may also want to connect the bollards with chains or cross bars to further fortify the barrier. Bollards linked with chains provide the aesthetic value you may be looking for, especially if the object you are protecting is an art installation or landmark such as a historical building or memorial. These types of bollards are often seen on college campuses.

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