5 Benefits Of Using Bollards In Schools & Universities

Permanent and removable bollards offer a wide range of applications and benefits, including those ideal for high school, college, and university campuses. Learn why installing bollards throughout school premises is something to consider:

Protects Students

Bollards protect students by creating clear lines between street traffic and walkways. They prevent accidental vehicle ramming on curbs and otherwise stop drivers from coming up onto school property, which is especially beneficial in dormitory areas. Bollards also help students travel safely from one building or area to the next when they are placed at intersections and public transportation areas. These products let students know what sections are off-limits, such as a construction area, to further help them to stay safe.

Illuminates Walkways

Many bollard models include lights in various colors for perfect walkway illumination. They provide light throughout a high school or college campus, which is ideal for students who take night classes or participate in evening activities. They provide light for bike pathways as well, and are yet another way bollards promote student safety.

Encourages Cleanliness

Some bollards are available with small waste or cigarette receptacles to help keep parks and businesses of all kinds cleaner. This application extends to college and university campuses, as bollards encourage students to maintain a cleaner campus by providing extra receptacles for their cigarette butts, food waste, and other trash. Students will love the convenience as well as the cleaner campus.

Promotes Parking Lot Orderliness & Safety

Parking lots are notoriously dangerous. Bollards provide an easy and effective way to help drivers navigate traffic and stay within the lot instead of accidentally driving on a sidewalk or into a neighboring lot they are not permitted to use. These products also keep pedestrians on the sidewalks and mediums to dramatically reduce their chances of being hit.

Improves Campus Aesthetic

The wide variety of bollard styles and colors makes it easy to beautify a high school, college, or university grounds. Whether lighted or not, bollards provide pops of color students and faculty will enjoy to create a more interesting and eye-pleasing campus. Both potential and returning students will appreciate the extra effort from university higher-ups and the additional beauty and color the bollards offer.

Make bollards part of your college campus today to reap these and similar benefits. The safety bollards provide students and everyone else on school campuses is invaluable, as is the effect they have on the beauty and cleanliness of the campus. Call us at 1-800-BOLLARDS for more info on bollards for schools.

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