5 Safety Bollard Factors To Consider

Safety or high-security bollards stop several-ton vehicles going up to 50 miles an hour. They lend themselves to a variety of commercial and industrial environments, including sports and hospital complexes, warehouses, banks, retail and restaurant parking lots, and parks among other places. If you need safety bollards for your commercial or industrial complex, keep these considerations in mind to make an informed installation decision. 

Traffic Frequency

Think about the amount of traffic surrounding your building or complex. You’ll need more bollards if traffic flows constantly since the risk of accidents increases significantly. Conversely, if traffic in your area is relatively low, you can get away with fewer bollards without seriously impairing safety. 

Also, consider typical driver speed when you’re making bollard selections. If your business is near a highway, for example, the chances of accidents increases because people lose control of their vehicles more easily when they’re driving at higher speeds. 

Traffic Proximity

How many bollards you need depends in part on your business’s proximity to local traffic. If you’re right next to traffic on a busy road or highway, you will need additional bollards to protect your building(s). Keep public streets as well as the parking lot and onsite road proximity in mind as well since they also account for traffic and therefore the possibility of building damage and pedestrian injuries. 

Driver Behavior

The general behavior of drivers in your area is another consideration you can’t ignore. Do drivers seem to always be in a terrible rush and not necessarily paying attention, or otherwise speeding? Or, would you define the drivers in your area as relatively calm and likely to obey traffic rules? It may help to make a list of driver personas to determine what bollards are best for your commercial building or complex. 

Road Type

The types of roads surrounding your commercial or industrial building(s) affect bollard decisions as well. If there are one or several run-ups featuring no obstructions that allow drivers to gain speed, you’ll need more high-security bollards compared to roads that run parallel to the building(s) and feature low accident rates. Roads that allow drivers to park directly in front of the building entrances must be considered as well. If you operate a storefront with a glass front, for example, you’ll need many high-security bollards that keep cars where they belong: on the road. 
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