3 Bollard Applications For Stadiums

Bollards are quite useful in a variety of commercial complexes, creating safer spaces that are easier for drivers and pedestrians to navigate. One of the types of complexes that benefit the most from bollards is stadiums, offering numerous applications contributing to safe and efficient operations. And since people attending stadium events such as pro sports games and concerts are often inebriated, additional safety measures become especially important. Review these bollard applications for stadiums to make your complex safer. 

Parking Lots

Add bollards to your stadium’s parking lots to increase safety. Get them installed around each
lot’s perimeter to keep vehicles on the street from entering the parking spaces and hitting cars and pedestrians. Safety or high-security bollards come in concrete form to stop vehicles going up to 55 miles an hour. Use bollards to protect lot medians as well so people on their way from their cars to the stadium can get there safely. 

Another way to use bollards in stadium parking lots is for designated tailgating areas. Stadium lots are infamous for tailgating activities, which can sometimes get out of hand because people are so intoxicated. Using bollards to create specific areas for tailgating minimizes the chances of inebriated individuals coming in contact with drivers looking for parking spaces. 

Smoking Areas

Smoking areas surrounding stadiums have become common to keep people from lighting up in their seats and possibly injuring their neighbors with hot ash. Many of these areas are located outside of the stadium and feature special entrances so attendees don’t have to use their tickets to re-enter the complex. If your stadium features these types of smoking areas, use high-security bollards to keep attendees safe from wayward traffic.

Should your smoking areas be within the stadium, use removable bollards linked with chains. You can move them any time you want to change the smoking sections. 

The Stadium Perimeter 

The streets surrounding stadiums are hectic any time an event is going on. Drivers and pedestrians are coming and going, getting dropped off, looking for places to park, and trying to find their friends and family. Adding high-security bollards around the stadium perimeter helps avoid vehicular collisions. People aren’t always paying attention to the road when they’re looking for their friend with the tickets or the nearest parking lot which makes the addition of bollards a welcome one. 

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