How Bollards Make Community Events Safer

Planning a community event is naturally an involved process requiring you to make many decisions, such as those concerning the vendors, food, and entertainment. Safety is another important factor that contributes to community event success, and one that benefits significantly from bollard use. Review how bollards enhance event safety below.

Creates Temporary Parking Lots

If the community event location is not near any actual parking lots, creating one in an adjoining field or vacant lot is possible with bollards. They allow you to establish a perimeter, create a pedestrian walkway in the middle, and help drivers navigate the area. Bollards with attached signs are also helpful when creating a temporary parking lot, as they guide attendees to the right location. Removable bollards are the best option for temporary parking lots since you can move them as needed. While high-security bollards provide the most protection, they are typically made of cement and require professional installation services. Unless the parking lot area can be utilized in the future, these bollards are not applicable.

Protects Street-side Vendors

Food trucks often line the sidewalks of community events, with the backs of such trucks subject to damage from wayward drivers. Placing removable bollards along the backs of these trucks provides a visibility factor that keeps drivers aware. By providing temporary fencing, they help drivers realize they are closer to the food trucks than they thought. Food truck operators who exit the vehicles from the back are safer as well because they are farther from incoming traffic.

Protects Against Public Art-Related Injuries

Sculptures and similar public art displays can become “photo opportunities” to attendees, who might attempt to climb them. Doing so increases the risk of fall-related injuries, especially if the individuals are intoxicated from patronizing beer trucks. Surrounding these installations with chain-linked removable bollards makes it clear they are off-limits, which reduces if not eliminates fall-related injuries. Using bollards in this way also protects the art from finger oils that can cause premature deterioration, shoe scuff marks, and assorted nicks and scratches.

Creates Orderly Lines

Removable bollards can also be used at community events to create lines for food and beverage carts, and portable restrooms. Events stay more organized as a result, as there are fewer disputes over where the lines begin and end. To increase safety and organization at your community event, find the bollards you need today at 1800Bollards.

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