What Are the Advantages of Fixed Bollards?

Fixed bollards, or permanent bollards, are among the many types of bollard products available. They are typically made from cement and are covered either with galvanized powder coatings or stainless steel covers. If you are considering bollards for your business, industrial site, or various projects but don’t know if fixed bollards are the best choice, take a minute to learn about the benefits they offer.

Increased Safety & Property Damage Prevention

High-security fixed bollards undergo crash testing and are capable of stopping 15,000- pound vehicles going up to 50 miles an hour. They create effective barriers in front of, next to, and around buildings, such as in front of glass storefronts that are subject to serious property damage in the event of vehicular crashes. Fixed high-security bollards provide many other security applications, such as sectioning off areas in front of hospital entrances, around public parking lots, and in front of historical buildings. Improved security often contributes to lower insurance costs, because the building in question has a lower risk of serious property damage that the carrier would have to pay for. Fixed bollards also promote safety, since they stop wayward drivers and prevent them from harming pedestrians.

Protection From Thieves

Glass storefronts are vulnerable to thieves who purposefully crash into them with their vehicles. The commotion this creates allows their partners to rob the stores, often from the back of the store. Placing high-security fixed bollards in front of any business with a glass front provides extra protection from these unscrupulous individuals. With bollards in place, thieves cannot reach the glass, since the bollards “get in their way” so they are forced to think twice about robbing your business providing you with an extra level of security.

Peace of Mind

Knowing your business enjoys extra protection from fixed bollards offers invaluable peace of mind. You’ll relax because it is impenetrable to behind-the-wheel thieves, vandals, and trespassers, which lowers your stress level and the number of related hormones running through your body. A more relaxed mindset provides you with more work-life balance allowing you to focus on other things, such as fun home improvement and craft projects because you won’t be as distracted by business security and safety concerns.

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