How to Choose Bollards For Storefront Protection

As the proud owner of a local business, maintenance is naturally a top priority. One of the easiest ways to maintain and subsequently protect your business is with bollards. So what bollards does your business require? Check out the following guide to make informed buying decisions.

Storefront Glass Protection

Does your business include a glass storefront featuring various displays? Consider having permanent, or high-security, bollards installed along the curb. These bollards stop vehicles going up to 50 miles an hour and can subsequently prevent severe property damage and injuries. Such bollards also prevent “smash and grab” crimes, or when a driver intentionally crashes into a storefront and their associates grab everything they can–merchandise, money, expensive equipment, etc. High-security bollards prevent these crimes and the many issues they can create, such as filing reports with your insurance company and hoping you can recover what was lost.

Construction Area Protection

When your business storefront needs construction, such as replacing parts of the sidewalk or repairing the porte-cochere, portable bollards provide essential assistance. Use them to surround the areas under construction and therefore prevent people from injuring themselves and filing legal claims. Using bollards in this way is as much about premise liability as it is pedestrian protection because any dangerous area that is not marked off is a hazard. Utilizing bollards in this way avoids premise liability suits because anyone who enters the hazardous area despite assorted warnings cannot file a claim.

Lighted Bollard Applications

Lighted bollards could be another option for your storefront. Powered by LED lights, these bollards illuminate many things, including sidewalks and other pathways, assorted garden displays, public sculptures, and more. Consider them as an inexpensive way to keep the sidewalk in front of your storefront lit up, which makes it safer and less appealing to unscrupulous individuals. You can also use lighted bollards to provide a soft glow for any table sale displays. If your business is a cafe or other eatery, lighted bollards provide outside light as well as ambiance. Stagger them among the tables and chairs to create a welcoming, safe place for people to congregate.

These are just some ways to use bollards in front of storefronts! Think critically about what your storefront needs before browsing for bollards; you might even be able to purchase those that match or complement your business’s color scheme. Start browsing our wonderful selection today at 1800Bollards.

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