3 Uses For Bollards at Courthouses

Bollards are among the most versatile safety and security products on the planet, lending themselves to a wide variety of commercial, nonprofit, industrial, and even residential settings. Courthouses are among the many places that benefit from bollards, as they make these important buildings and the surrounding areas more secure. Review some of the most pertinent uses for bollards at courthouses below.

1. Standoff Security

Permanent, or high-security, bollards provide an extra layer of standoff security at courthouses. They help deter disgruntled and unscrupulous individuals to create a safer, more efficient, and secure environment. For example, if someone had the awful idea to ram the courthouse with their vehicle, the bollards would prevent them from doing so. High-security bollards stop several-ton vehicles to protect the people and structures on the other side. Permanent bollards can also be used to ward off those on foot by making entrances and other areas less accessible. Any courthouse that deals with unwanted visitors on a regular basis should have bollards in place.

2. Parking Lot Safety

The parking lots next to or adjacent to courthouses provide spaces for staff to safely park their vehicles. Since courthouses are often in bustling urban areas, these parking lots are usually in close proximity to city traffic. Surrounding any courthouse lot in a busy urban setting with permanent bollards is an invaluable safety measure. It prevents wayward vehicle collisions with people going to and from their vehicles, parked cars, and any surrounding landscaping. Parking lots are among the most dangerous places for anyone to drive, so adding permanent bollard protection makes them safer. This helps courthouse employees feel better as they go to and from work.

3. Building Protection

Many courthouses are historic buildings requiring extra care and maintenance. Placing bollards around the corners of courthouses and other historic buildings helps preserve them. They prevent people from making contact with the buildings and causing premature wear. For example, those with grocery carts or any type of cart cannot accidentally hit the building corner and chip away at it. The bollards also discourage people from touching the buildings and contributing to wear via finger oils and any other substances on the hands, such as paint, dirt, or other grime.

Bollards clearly make excellent safety and security additions to courthouses throughout the country! Find the bollards your courthouse needs today at 1800Bollards, your premier bollard partner on the web.

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