Outdoor Events Benefiting From Removable Bollards

Outdoor events come in many forms, allowing people to gather and enjoy themselves in the fresh air. Many outdoor events benefit from removable bollards, as these versatile security and safety products offer multiple applications. Review some of the outdoor events that benefit from using removable bollards to determine what your event needs.

Outdoor Weddings

Outdoor weddings are almost always a great time but can be susceptible to crashers depending on their locations. To keep uninvited guests away, the wedding planners can request chain-linked removable bollards around the nuptial and reception grounds. The bollards can be spray painted to complement wedding color schemes, which avoids visually-displeasing clashes. The bride, groom, wedding party, and everyone else attending the nuptials will appreciate this “temporary fencing,” as it provides peace of mind. Instead of wondering if anyone is crashing, the wedding participants can simply have fun.

Community Events

Spring, summer, and fall festivals are common in cities and towns and often include shutting down some streets for a few hours. Removable bollards contribute to organized events, as they can be used to create temporary parking lots, dedicated lines for food and beverage trucks, and lines for restroom trailers. Chain-linked removable bollards can also be used to create children’s areas or designate spaces for smoking. Using bollards in these ways helps avoid spats, such as those about who was in line first at the beer cart or restroom. Since community festivals frequently involve booze, which can make people have more severe reactions, using bollards prevents unnecessary altercations.

Farmers & Night Markets

Farmers markets and night markets benefit from bollards for many of the same reasons as community festivals. Removable bollards are also helpful in terms of protecting the food trucks and the people working in them. They can be used to line the backs of the trucks, which are often parked on the street, to keep wayward drivers aware and away. Food truck workers will appreciate this immensely because it helps them maintain peace of mind and focus on their customers. The risk of damage to the trucks is minimized as well.

Private Events on Public Grounds

Much like outdoor weddings, private events on public grounds can attract crashers. Using chain-linked bollards to surround these events, such as those at public libraries, parks, and other natural areas, makes it clear that the events are private and therefore invite-only. The risk of crashers is reduced, which helps everyone feel at ease. Browse the bollard selection at 1800Bollards today.

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