Permanent Vs Removable Bollards: What Does Your Business Need?

Permanent bollards are typically made from concrete, carbon steel, and stainless steel to provide a business or organization with long-lasting protection from vehicles among other things. Removable bollards are made of carbon and stainless steel as well, but feature internal locking systems for convenient removal. Both come in varying diameters and wall thicknesses. If your business would benefit from bollards, discover which option is better for you based on the following factors:


How much traffic does your business’s parking lot receive on a daily basis? What about the traffic in front of your store. Is your shop in a strip mall and you deal with people pulling up to it every day? If your parking lot is becoming a zone for near-misses with people yelling at each other to get out of the way, consider installing permanent security bollards. These bollards are designed to withstand the impact of vehicles going 20 to 30 miles an hour and will help both drivers and pedestrians stay in their correct lanes.

Permanent, high-security bollards are also recommended for storefronts to keep vehicles from crashing into the door and window, whether accidentally or on purpose. Some thieves intentionally crash into stores with the intention of grabbing everything they can amidst the chaos.

Accident Rate & Overall Security

What is the accident rate around your business and the overall security atmosphere? If too many accidents occur among cars in front of your store, your parking lot, around your college campus, etc., permanent bollards are probably best. However, depending on the types of accidents, such as those from a lack of definition in parking and pedestrian areas, removable bollards may work just as well depending on the material and thickness. They also offer the ability to move them whenever you need them, such as for a college campus festival when more people will be on premise.

Property Beautification

If simple property beautification is in order, removable bollards in varying colors and sizes provide a practical solution. You’ll choose from a wide variety of powder coatings to add color to your university campus or industrial complex, especially if you decide to get a little creative. A quick search of “bollard art” on the ‘net provides a stunning gallery of highly-creative bollards featuring everything from bold designs and patterns to human likenesses to varying shapes.

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