3 Bollard Maintenance Tips

Bollards require periodic maintenance like everything else on your commercial or industrial property to keep them looking great instead of banged-up and dingy. Help your bollards maintain their appearance for years with these key maintenance tips:

Pressure-Wash Them…Or At Least Wipe Them Down

Bollards are subject to the elements 24 hours a day, seven days a week unless they are placed in a warehouse or similar building. In addition to damage from rain, hail, snow, and the sun, bollards must contend with films of dirt, dust, insect remains, and general grime. Give your bollards a solid blast from your pressure washer about once a month to remove this layer of grit and keep them looking pristine. If you are concerned the pressure from the washer will dislodge the paint, wipe them down with clean, wet rags.

Use Zinc Primer

Galvanizing your bollards is not the best idea because the product chips easily whenever the bollards get bumped or scratched. Powder coating over galvanized bollards is also a risk due to the likelihood of chipping and bubbling paint, which is as environmentally hazardous as it is unsightly. Keep your security bollards looking great with zinc primer instead of galvanized products. Zinc primer is less expensive, lasts considerably longer, and is less harmful to the environment. It also works exceptionally well with powder coatings.

Add Protective Sleeves

Perhaps your bollards constantly get scraped by vehicles and you are paying more than you would like to repaint them. Rather than repainting your bollards every other week, invest in protective sleeves. Protective sleeves offer easy customization with your company name or logo while also providing features such as recessed reflective stripping and ultraviolet light protection. The UV light protection generally lasts about five years depending on where you purchase your sleeves. Look for base wraparounds as well if your bollards require extra protection.

If your bollards do not sustain bumps and scrapes every few days, simply create a repainting schedule and stick to it. The sun fades even the strongest powder coating products eventually, so enjoy painting your bollards different colors and adding decorative elements such as designs and patterns.

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