Removable Bollards: The Many Applications

Removable bollards are among the numerous bollards available to improve safety and security. These versatile bollards offer various applications, all of which help public, private, and commercial grounds remain secure, safe, and more organized. To help determine if removable bollards are right for your needs, review some of their many applications.

Parking Spaces

Sometimes, unauthorized vehicles are parked in residential and business parking lots, such as condos and office building lots, respectively. To avoid the frustration this issue causes, the spot “owners” can place removable bollards in the spaces until they need them. The bollards can be stored nearby or in vehicle trunks, whichever is preferable. Removable bollards subsequently reduce the number of unauthorized vehicle parking issues, which helps residents and employees maintain their schedules since trying to find another parking space or the individual who parked in their space takes time!

Private Party Borders

Holding a private gathering in a public space can result in “crashers,” or uninvited guests. Surrounding a private party with chain-linked removable bollards, such as one at a public library or park, prevents crashers from attending. The party organizers have less to worry about as a result and can focus on helping their guests have fun. Removable bollards apply to any outdoor event for invited guests exclusively.

Harbors, Docks, and Marinas

Unauthorized vehicles entering harbor, dock, and marina areas get in the way of boat owners who wish to take their vessels out for the day. Placing removable bollards at the entrances of these locations prevents unauthorized vehicles from using the recreational areas and getting in the way of those who are authorized to take their boats out. Organization in the area subsequently improves because there is less confusion and frustration.

Pedestrian Areas

Assorted pedestrian areas, such as shopping areas, benefit from removable bollards. They protect shoppers from vehicles, especially when combined with fencing materials and guardrails. Removable bollards can also be used to mark off roads and sidewalks under construction so pedestrians do not cross or walk on them and possibly sustain injuries. These bollards also provide materials for temporary walkway areas while other spaces are under construction, which helps protect pedestrians from injuries.

Interior Business Protection

Warehouses, grocery stores, and many other commercial premise interiors can include bollards. Such removable posts provide entranceway reinforcements to reduce or eliminate ram-raiding incidents. They can also be used to protect commercial freezer and refrigeration corners from shopping cart damage and keep indoor vehicles, such as forklifts, from accessing specific areas. Browse removable bollards today at 1800Bollards.

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