Removable Vs Permanent Bollards: Which Is Right For Your Business/Organization?

Bollards‘ numerous applications lend themselves to a variety of commercial and industrial settings. Deciding what type of bollard works best for your specific business or organization depends on several factors, such as safety and property beautification. Bollards come in removable and permanent options, including retractable and high-security pieces capable of withstanding vehicular impacts. Use the following guide to make the right decision for your commercial space.

The Parking Lot Factor

Bollards play a significant role in parking lot safety. They surround the perimeter of the lot to prevent vehicles from the street from accidentally or purposefully crashing into parked cars and trucks. They also contribute to pedestrian safety by creating safe walkways. Parking lots are notoriously dangerous areas, and if the accident rate in yours has increased as of late, consider high-security permanent bollards.

The Storefront Safety Factor

Storefronts such as those found along strip malls are susceptible to vehicular accidents, especially if their fronts are almost entirely made of glass. Drivers who lose control of their vehicles can crash into these storefronts, while thieves sometimes use cars as a robbery tactic. One thief crashes a car into a store while the others loot the establishment amid the chaos. Permanent security bollards eliminate both of these issues to help you maintain a safer retail store.

The Aesthetics Factor

Both permanent and removable bollards contribute to a commercial space or organization’s aesthetic quality. They create obvious pathways to help keep customers, students, and or employees off of grass or away from sculptures and similar artistic installations. This helps maintain a green, damage-free outdoor space. If you opt for removable bollards, you get to use them in any location you choose, such as during an event when you want to section off a space for the festivities.

The Loading Zone Factor

Loading zones typically benefit from permanent over removable bollards; however, you may want to use heavy-duty removable bollards if different shipments come into different zones at different times of day. Removable bollards offer the versatility necessary to loading zone safety without having to spend extra money since you can move them as necessary.

The Park Factor

Again, both permanent and removable bollards offer park applications. Removable bollards do well when you have to close off sections of the park for maintenance or events, while permanent options create safe bike and walkways, something particularly important if park paths are near the street.

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