Residential Building Bollard Use: Does Your Multi-Family Property Need It?

Bollards are mainly known for their traffic control uses, such as permanent bollards surrounding parking lots or removable ones used to indicate highway construction. Yet bollards can be just as helpful in residential settings, particularly those concerning townhouse, apartment, and condominium complexes. Take a moment to consider whether your complex could benefit from bollard installations.

Parking Lot Craziness Has Increased

Perhaps the number of residents living in your apartment or condo complex has increased over the last few years or current residents have had children. Whatever the reason for the recent increase in parking lot traffic, you may want to install bollards. Permanent high-security bollards withstand the impact of cars and trucks to keep parking lot perimeters safe, something especially important if the lots face the street. Bollards also create secure pathways for residents to come and go without feeling like their safety has been compromised.

Street Traffic Has Increased

If the townhouses you own or the apartment complex you oversee faces a busy city street, bollards can provide the safety solution you are looking for. Installing them along the sidewalk creates an effective barrier between traffic and those walking along, such as residents getting ready to enter the building. Bollards also provide protection during assorted unloading activities. Any increase in traffic should call for bollard consideration, especially if the number of accidents has risen.

Children At Play Has Increased

Children need safe places to play, something that can prove challenging in urban settings. Bollards make it easy to section off an area for children to play whether you add playground equipment or not. Make it clear you care about the safety of your residents’ children with high- security bollards capable of stopping a 15,000-pound vehicle.

Events Have Increased

Maybe the number of outdoor events at your complex has risen recently. Removable bollards clearly outline the event grounds to keep guests out of hazardous or otherwise-prohibited areas. Retractable bollards offer the same assistance to keep any events happening around your townhouses, apartments, or condos safe and fun. And since bollard covers come in a variety of colors and styles, you won’t have a problem ensuring these safety posts complement the space.

Bollards also assist with property beautification and help keep residents off of any sculptures or other art installations your complex features. They also encourage residents to keep off of the grass.

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