Retractable Vs. Removable Bollards: The Pros and Cons of Each

Removable and retractable bollards both offer numerous uses that contribute to safer, more organized premises. If you need bollards for an upcoming project but are unsure which of these products is best for your needs, take a moment to learn more about retractable and removable options.

Retractable Bollard Pros

Retractable bollards are typically installed at commercial and industrial entrances. They retract when a driver enters the right code or swipes the correct fob, allowing entry. Retractable bollards subsequently prevent anyone who does not have the right information or product key from entering a commercial or industrial space. For example, they are frequently used at parking garage entrances, airport entrances, and hospital complex entrances. Retractable bollards are also utilized in restricted commercial or industrial areas where only a few individuals are allowed access. In addition to preventing unscrupulous individuals from gaining access to commercial premises unlawfully, retractable bollards provide invaluable peace of mind for employees. If you are currently experiencing entry issues with your commercial or industrial property–or even your residential property–consider installing retractable bollards.

Retractable Bollard Cons

Since retractable bollards are mechanical, the risk of malfunctions is present, however minor. Scheduling routine maintenance keeps these security and safety products functional to prevent entrance-related issues, such as bollards that are down for too long and allow too many people or drivers in.

Removable Bollard Pros

Removable bollard pros include not having to dig as far below grade as retractable versions. If you’re working around underground utilities, for example, there are some removable bollards that require digging 12” below grade only. If any of the above applications benefit you, consider using removable bollards. They create temporary fencing and sectioned spaces whenever you require them. Also keep in mind that removable bollards capable of stopping cars weighing up to 15,000 pounds do exist! Most people think “lightweight” when they hear the words “removable bollards,” but there are heavier versions that are just as capable of stopping vehicles as high- security versions.

Removable Bollard Cons

Removable bollards also require storage and can be heavy to move, depending on what material they are made out of, particularly in high traffic areas. Browse removable and retractable bollards today at 1800Bollards.

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