Which Type Of Bollard Do You Need? 3 Helpful Tips

Bollards – you’ve seen them in front of retail stores, around university campuses, in parking lots, on city streets, and in parks, and you may be familiar with their range of applications. If you know bollards are a business necessity but are not sure which type is best for you, use this helpful guide to make an informed decision.

Bollards For Safety

Rigid and retractable bollards provide the traffic navigation help and impact resistance you may need for your business’s busy parking lot. Both make it easier for drivers to get through a parking lot successfully and safely without bumping into other vehicles. Anti-ram bollards work well if the threat of vehicle crashes is an issue, such as around a government building. These bollards also do well in front of stores featuring large inventories of valuable items, such as jewelry and electronic stores. They deter thieves who crash into retail spaces with the intent of taking as much product as possible.

Bollards For Path Designation

Removable bollards work exceptionally well in situations where you need to designate different pathways on a regular basis. For example, if you oversee a city or state park and constantly find yourself making signs telling hikers, cyclists, and horseback riders to stay on and off certain trails, you need removable bollards. They move easily from place to place so you can create or seal off paths as necessary. As with their rigid and retractable counterparts, removable bollards come in a range of diameters and thicknesses.

Bollards For Property Beautification

Bollards also lend themselves to property beautification. Rows of different-colored bollards on college campuses, for example, offer pleasing walks to class for students and professors alike. They provide purely decorative functions in low-traffic areas and both decorative and safety applications in high-traffic areas. If you want to beautify a high-traffic area but need to promote safety, such as the parking lot of a college dorm, choose between security and high-security bollards. High-security bollards are designed to stop vehicles traveling up to 50 miles an hour.

Keep impact resistance, site furnishing and appearance, and traffic penetration in mind as you make your final decision. You may need more than one bollard type depending on what type of business or organization you are operating or managing. Work with a site planner if necessary to streamline the process and enjoy high-quality bollards for a more aesthetically-pleasing, secure commercial site.

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