Why Bold Colors Are A Bollard Safety Essential

Bollards come in many forms, including retractable and permanent, as well as in a rainbow of colors. While black or other dark-hued bollards add sleek sophistication to any university campus or similar area, it is often worth selecting from the bold color spectrum. Brightly-colored bollards provide that extra degree of safety a wide variety of businesses and commercial complexes need. Take a moment to learn about bollard color in relation to safety and why bold options may be exactly what your business or organization needs.

They Protect Pedestrians

High-traffic parking lots and pedestrian areas on streets always increase the danger factor to anyone walking along. Bright yellow or orange bollards clearly separating the street from the sidewalk or other walkways tell drivers to stay clear and in their lanes. This is in addition to creating an effective barrier if a driver veers off the road or parking lot. Pedestrians typically feel much safer walking around when bollards are involved.

They Help Illuminate Dark Areas

The ability to see a bold-colored bollard in a dimly-lit area frequently proves invaluable. Let’s use the example of a warehouse worker on the late night shift: operating a piece of heavy machinery in a dark corner of the facility can pose safety problems if bright bollards are not in place creating designated rest areas. Anyone else on shift may feel uncomfortable without the protection of sturdy bollards as they enjoy a snack or simply take a minute to relax.

They Help Make Up For Power Outages

Your business storefront may have a high-quality security lighting system that keeps intruders away during off hours, but what about power outages? They can occur at any time, especially during summer thunderstorms or serious winter blizzards, leaving your business in the dark. Rather than hoping your business makes it through the night, rely on your boldly-hued bollards to keep wayward cars and other vehicles away from your store. Vehicular accidents always increase during power outages for obvious reasons, and bollards provide the extra help your business needs to stay secure until power is restored.

Bright bollards also help keep bike paths, toll booths, drive-throughs, and building perimeters safe, whether during a power outage or any other time. They help drivers navigate sensitive areas to keep everyone within and around the vicinity safe. Choose from the comprehensive range of permanent and retractable bollards at 1800Bollards. Contact us at any time to let us know how we can serve your business or organization.

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