Why Farmers Markets Need Bollards 

Bollards benefit communities in numerous ways, contributing to safer premises and easier navigation. Among the community events, bollards arguably benefit most are farmers markets. Here, learn what makes the products so essential to market operations. 

They Help Protect Seller Areas

Bollards provide an extra layer of protection for farmers selling their produce, dairy products, meat, and other food and products. Depending on the market, the farm stands may be in the street and therefore relatively close to traffic. Bollards protect farmers from wayward vehicles as well as their produce, trucks, and equipment. They subsequently give the sellers peace of mind, allowing them to focus on customer service instead of worrying about their safety. 

They Show Customers Where to Go

Farmers market organizers can use bollards to help customers learn where to go. Removable bollards could function as sign holders telling customers where to stand and designating one- way traffic lanes. COVID-19 has caused farmers market staff members around the country to re-think their layouts to ensure one-way traffic and help lead customers into and out of the area. 

They Function As Social Distancing Barriers 

Bollards not only help direct customer traffic and protect sellers from cars and trucks, but they also help maintain social distancing standards. Farmers can place bollards in front of their stands and link them with chains to ensure customers remain at least six feet away. Visible social distancing reminders are always beneficial because they alert consumers distracted by assorted products, telling them to keep away. 

They Create Temporary Parking Areas

Some farmers markets are so large they include parking space. Bollards help organizers create clear parking areas so as many people can visit the market as possible. Lack of defined parking spaces can cause some people to take up more surface area than necessary, meaning fewer consumers get to park and patronize the market. Bollards can also be used to direct drivers to the lot, thus expediting parking processes further. Dealing with too many confused or irritated drivers does not help foster a positive community vibe. 

They Create Areas For Children & Pets

Depending on the size of the market and whether it happens in conjunction with other events, bollards may be necessary to section areas for children and pets. They can be used to create play areas for children and “restroom” areas for pets, which helps everyone stay safe and the premises remain clean and more sanitary. 

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