4 Applications For Indoor Bollards 

While bollards are commonly associated with outdoor applications, they offer many indoor uses as well. Review some of the most popular indoor bollard applications as you determine what’s right for your business or organization. 

Grocery Store Freezer & Refrigerators

Grocery, retail, and convenience stores can protect their freezers and refrigerators with bollards. Any refrigerator or freezer facing aisles can sustain damage from carts and scooters, resulting in metal component dings and scratches. Even the glass parts of the appliances can get damaged depending on the severity of the crash. Bolt-down, stainless steel “asset protection” bollards offer the most help and shield commercial appliances from cleaning machinery as well as distracted customers. 

Shop & Airport Escalators

Airports, malls, and other businesses that rely on escalators have started using stainless steel bollards at the top and bottom of the moving stairs. Those on either side of the escalator help regulate traffic flow, while central bollards keep shopping carts, strollers, and wheeled bags off the moving stairways preventing possible injuries and property damage. Both bolt-down and removable bollards offer escalator applications. 

Factories & Warehouses

Warehouses and factories frequently rely on bollards to maintain safe and efficient premises. They protect work areas and shelves from collisions with heavy machinery such as pallet jacks or forklifts that can cost thousands in property damage. They also protect heavy machinery that isn’t in use to avoid contact with in-use machinery and create safe rest areas for employees. 

Bolt-down or embedded bollards are also used to protect loading docks at warehouses and factories. They help drivers while they are backing up see where they are going and create barriers between delivery trucks and the buildings to avoid premature repair costs. 

Utility Protection

Furnaces, boilers, electrical panels, and other utilities in commercial buildings of all kinds benefit from embedded or bolt-down bollards. They prevent contact with indoor machines and therefore avoid potentially catastrophic results, such as a boiler or furnace explosion. Bollards also protect employees from large utility units that can cause burns and other injuries when handled improperly. Instead, they ensure that only those qualified to work on the utilities do. 

Wrapping Up…

Bollards may have started their working lives on wharves, but their indoor applications have caused many people to rethink their uses. There are a variety of bollards in different shapes and sizes around the world and some commercial business owners even use bollards to make artistic statements. 

For more about bollard applications, visit 1800Bollards today. 

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