3 Benefits Of Retractable Bollards

Retractable bollards are among the numerous types of bollards available to industrial, municipal, and commercial enterprises. They are classified as medium security and emerge from the ground before locking into place. When not in use, these bollards lower back into the ground to create seamless, hazard-free surfaces. If you are currently reviewing bollard options for your business or organization, learn what benefits retractable options provide.

They Restrict Access

Retractable bollards restrict access whenever you require them and disappear when you don’t. If you need to temporarily keep vehicles out of a certain part of your hospital complex or sports facility, simply pull up retractable bollards to make it clear entry is not an option. Access control promotes complex and facility safety, especially if assorted hazards are present such as hulking machinery that can potentially create serious collision issues.

Retractable bollards also restrict access for lighter reasons, such as when your facility or other commercial enterprise wants to square off an area for a party or other special event. Once the event is over, the bollards go back down easily.

They Separate Traffic

These bollards quickly separate traffic from pedestrians to promote safety in your busy parking lot. Such lots are notoriously dangerous places, and bollards help both drivers and pedestrians feel safe as they navigate their way from the parking space to the store and back. They create pathways as well as protect the perimeter from oncoming traffic. If you have had issues with parking lot safety as of late, consider retractable bollards. Depending on how severe the issue is, you may want to upgrade to high-security bollards.

They Keep Pedestrians Safe

Parking lot safety is not the only way retractable bollards help pedestrians. For example, in stadium, theater, museum, and park settings, retractable bollards restrict vehicle access to create safe spaces for pedestrians. They help close off areas in museums and theaters as patrons pour in and out, or let drivers know they cannot access certain sections of a park designated for walking and biking only. Retractable bollards keep patrons safe in certain areas around stadiums, such as smoking areas outside of the facility, to protect them from traffic.

Bollards contribute to serious peace of mind while improving the aesthetic value of many commercial and industrial settings. How will you use retractable bollards?

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