How To Use Bollards To Maximize Traffic Safety

Bollards offer a variety of applications, one of the most important being traffic safety. High-security bollards are capable of stopping 15,000-pound vehicles going up to 50 miles an hour to keep both pedestrians and surrounding drivers safe. Use this quick guide to maximize traffic safety around your facility, store, or complex with bollards.


A common problem in urban areas around the country and world is pedestrians failing to use crosswalks. They sprint through the middle of the street because they don’t feel like waiting for the light or because their destination is actually across from them. High-security bollards linked together with chains at busy intersections encourage safe pedestrian crossings to reduce the risk of collisions from turning vehicles. Bollards offer a guiding effect ideal for intersections in busy cities, college campuses, industrial and medical complexes, and stadiums among other facilities.

Parking Lots

Parking lots seem forever bustling with pedestrians and drivers. People constantly coming and going present a variety of safety hazards, especially when they are frantically looking for the next available parking spot or bogged down with groceries. Darting out of the way of runaway shopping carts or trying to prevent said carts from hitting vehicles also create safety issues.

Bollards maximize traffic safety in parking lots in two ways. First, they create pathways to keep pedestrians safe as they walk to and from your store. Second, they create perimeters around the parking lots to ensure the area stays safe from vehicles. For example, a person who loses control of his or her car crashes into the bollards instead of other vehicles and anyone who happens to be passing through.


Many storefronts allow drivers to pull up and park for easy shop access. While this is highly convenient for many patrons, it also creates safety issues. Once again, drivers who lose control of their vehicles for any reason can easily crash into glass storefronts without bollards. There is also the issue of thieves who crash into stores on purpose so their accomplices can loot the shop amid the chaos. Installing bollards in front of your store eliminates both of these issues to keep your store, its contents, and your employees and customers safe.

For best results, stick to high-security bollards capable of withstanding vehicular impacts. Feel free to get them powder-coated for aesthetic appeal!

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