The Call For Crash-Tested Bollards Has Been Answered

Bollards come in an array of sizes, shapes, and capabilities, with some such as baseplate-mounted bollards featuring no stopping power whatsoever. In fact, they are little more than fence posts. High-security bollards, in contrast, are known for their ability to bring speeding, wayward vehicles to a haul, yet these bollards were designed for 15,000-pound trucks only. Those designed to stop a 5,000-pound car have not existed … until now.

The Need For Crash-Tested Bollards

The need for bollards that have undergone comprehensive crash testing has never been more essential. In the United States alone, up to 20 vehicles per day crash into buildings and pedestrians accidentally or worse, intentionally, resulting in millions of dollars in property damages and medical costs. Many people sadly do not survive their injuries after a vehicular collision.

Property and business owners have attempted to reduce harrowing crash statistics by installing parking blocks, which unfortunately serve as little more than launching pads. Higher curbs have not made a difference either, nor have poorly-installed bollards. Such bollards do not feature the correct wall thickness or diameter and hardly any footing or were installed in dirt or asphalt. Regardless, these bollards do not have the stopping power to keep pedestrians and property safe. What they have done is create a false sense of security.

The ASTM and F3016

ASTM and F3016 services seek to eliminate these safety complications to promote safer commercial and industrial spaces. The former refers to the testing standard for F3016 low- speed bollard testing. This testing currently occurs at the Texas Traffic Institute at Texas A&M and features three testing speeds: 10, 20, and 30 miles an hour. All vehicles used for these tests weigh 5,000 pounds.

Eliminating The Guesswork

These testing solutions eliminate the hypothesizing typically associated with bollard installation. There is no longer the need to guess which type of bollard works best for a commercial setting, including footing and style decisions. Customers can subsequently request specific bollards for whatever use they need. 1-800-Bollards features a variety of crash-tested bollards, including fixed, internal locking removable, and padlock removal options. Diameters include 4 inches for 10 miles an hour, 6 inches for 20 miles an hour, and 8 inches for 30 miles an hour. 1-800-Bollards has the only 4- inch in diameter bollards approved for the 10 miles an hour mark. Contact us, your wholesaler, today to learn more.

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