3 Bollard Applications at Historical Sites

Historical sites throughout the country provide teaching moments for children and adults alike, as well as often-stunning visuals ranging from sweeping landscapes to intricate architecture. Bollards make welcome additions to these important sites, as they offer preservation applications, among others. If you manage a historical site, review how bollards can make your job easier.

1. Building Protection

Placing bollards around historical buildings keeps tourists from getting too close. Finger oils contribute to premature building material breakdowns, as do people bumping into them with strollers, bags, and assorted carts. The corners of buildings often sustain the most damage, making bollards ideal “bumpers” that prevent chips, cracks, and similar damages. Chain-linked bollards let tourists know that touching the buildings or any other historical site features, such as sculptures and building remnants, are off-limits.

2. Entrance Assistance

Retractable bollards are often used for commercial entryways, since they stagger the amount of traffic entering the premises. They are particularly helpful on busy days at historical sites, because they prevent traffic jams, overloaded parking lots, and overwhelmed attendants. The bollards retract as necessary to let more people into the park or other historical site, which helps attendees direct tourists to empty lots minus the added stress. Tourists also stress less, because they aren’t annoyed over full lots or trying to find the nearest place to park. Entering and exiting the historical site becomes a more streamlined, pleasant process as a result.

3. Parking Lot Protection

When historical sites are located near busy streets, their parking lots are often near the streets as well. Drowsy, intoxicated, and sleepy drivers can accidently drive up in theselots, potentially hitting both vehicles and people. Lining the perimeter of these lots with high security, permanent bollards keeps drivers and pedestrians safe, and can prevent vehicular damage which provides people coming and going from the lots with an orderly, stressfree experience that gives them and employees peace of mind. Bollards can also be used to surround parking lot kiosks to protect these often- expensive investments, as well as parking lot booths. Working in parking lot booths with bollard protection shows attendees you care about their safety, which they appreciate.

Employees who feel respected and appreciated by their employers often work harder, resulting in more productive work environments. Find the ideal bollards for your historical site, including high-security and retractable options, today at 1800Bollards, your premier bollard partner on the web.

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