Should Your Selected Bollards Complement Your Business?

Bollards offer aesthetic as well as functional benefits, which is why they remain so popular among businesses of all kinds. If you are a business owner who believes bollards will be an ideal part of your commercial property’s exterior, there are numerous decisions to make, including what type of bollards to use. You’ll also need to determine what shapes and colors these security products should feature. To help you make the right color choice for your enterprise, review the following guide.

When Bollards Shouldn’t Feature Complementary Colors

Bollards do not need to feature hues that complement your business’s exterior color scheme if they are used to direct traffic. For example, say you oversee a sports stadium where the team’s colors are red and blue. Choosing either of these colors for your bollards can prove detrimental if they are used to surround the stadium and therefore keep wayward drivers from running up on the sidewalks. Darker shades of blue and red are not always immediately visible and can blend in with their backgrounds, making them more challenging for drivers to see. Conversely, bright yellow bollards installed along the curbs are immediately noticeable and keep drivers aware of the sidewalk.

If a similar situation applies to your business, stick to bright bollard colors that remain visible at all times of day or night. You’ll enjoy a safer commercial property where fewer vehicular accidents occur.

When Bollards Should Feature Complementary Colors

Sometimes, bollards help keep premises safe but do not necessarily require immediately-noticeable paint colors. For example, an outdoor seating area at the local mall can feature bollards in different shapes, such as globes and triangles, that create a perimeter around the area. Since this courtyard area is not too close to the nearest street, there is a slim chance of intoxicated, drowsy, and distracted drivers causing accidents. Permanent, high-security bollards keep the seating area safe from these drivers but can feature the hues used in the mall’s color scheme, such as gray, purple, or navy blue.

Again, if this or a similar situation applies to you, feel free to get creative with complementary colors. Such hues will become even more synonymous with your brand, which helps cement it in the minds of your target audience.

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