Why Playgrounds Need More Bollards

Playground designs have evolved considerably over the last few decades, replacing steel with plastic and hard ground with rubber, mulch, and other materials that create softer landings. And while playgrounds are arguably safer than ever, one of the ways to make them even more secure is with bollards. Review why playgrounds benefit from bollards before discussing options with your design team and bollard wholesaler. 

They Create Safer Play Spaces

Many playgrounds, including those in urban areas, leave little room between the street and the swings, slide, and other equipment. Bollards create barriers between play areas and the street so children can enjoy themselves and parents don’t have to worry about wayward traffic making contact. Safety or high-security bollards offer the most protection because they can literally stop traffic and therefore save lives. 

They Protect Equipment

Bollards not only protect children, parents, babysitters, and nannies from vehicular harm, they also shield expensive playground equipment. Such equipment costs hundreds if not thousands of dollars, making premature replacements costly. Bollards help playground equipment remain intact instead of rendering pieces dangerous or unusable. 

They Keep Connecting Streets Safe

The streets connecting school complexes to playgrounds have children coming and going during the day and especially the afternoon. Retractable bollards help children cross these walkways safely during school hours and after. They provide clear signs to drivers to help them stay away, and go back into the ground when playing hours are over. Bollards can also be outfitted with reflective materials to help drivers see them when the sun is setting and visibility can be impaired. 

They Protect Parking Lots

Parking lots are dangerous no matter where they are due to drivers looking for spots, people walking to and from the store, restaurant, or other establishments, and drivers trying to leave quickly. Those adjacent to playgrounds can be just as dangerous since small children get distracted easily and can walk or run without looking first. Bollards help maintain safe premises by creating perimeter barriers between the lot and oncoming traffic. They also provide safe medians for children and parents to walk on by creating “fencing.” High-security bollards are once again the best option because they stop vehicles from entering the lot.  The bollards you need to create safer playgrounds are waiting at 1800Bollards. Contact us today to discuss your needs and enjoy a fantastic return on investment.

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