3 Ways Bollards Enhance Stadium Safety

The versatility of bollards equals a wide range of outstanding applications, including those for stadiums. No matter what sporting events take place at your stadium, bollards enhance stadium safety in several fantastic ways. Consider them for any or all of the following:

Entrance Protection

Bollards positioned in front of all stadium entryways and loading areas provides the massive building with protection from vehicles of all sizes. Entrances and the surrounding stadium areas are subject to a variety of damages, including those from patrons who drank too much beer before getting behind the wheel or semi-truck drivers who back too far into the loading dock. High-security bollards capable of withstanding the impact of a vehicle going 50 miles an hour protect the essential barrier your stadium needs against a variety of threats, intentional or otherwise.

Effective Queue Lineups

Excited fans do not always wait in proper lines outside a stadium or any other large venue. Retractable, removable, or permanent bollards on either side of outdoor waiting areas ensure everyone stays in single or double file to keep the line moving along pleasantly. They increase security because the risk of an unruly fan who pre-gamed a little too hard and stepped out of line only to cause a fight will seriously diminish. Bollards keep things orderly so your security team does not have to constantly break up arguments and fistfights.

Pedestrian Protection In Parking Lots

Parking lots are notoriously dangerous due to the constant coming and going of vehicles and people everywhere. Make navigating your parking lot easier for both passengers and drivers with permanent bollards. Place them on either side of parking lot medians to help drivers park safely instead of possibly going over the median and hitting another vehicle. Bollards also make it much safer for pedestrians to walk on medians without constantly worrying they will be hit by vehicles.

If a safer, more orderly stadium is high on your to-do list, invest in bollards. Choose from a variety of powder coating colors, as decorating your bollards in your stadium or team’s hues is an easy process. Bollard decor has risen in popularity over the last few years, allowing you to get as creative as you want. The friendly, knowledgeable team at 1800Bollards offers a comprehensive range of bollard products, including retractable and high-security options. Contact us today to learn what we can do for your business or organization. 1-800-265-5273 Call Today!

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