3 Farmers Market Uses For Bollards

Farmers markets are more than places for area residents to purchase local, organic produce. They are also neighborhood hubs that people use to catch up with friends and perhaps get a bite or two to eat. If you are the manager of a local farmers market that continues to increase in popularity, consider utilizing bollards. The following 3 uses for bollards at farmers markets highlight what makes them worthwhile investments.

1. Temporary Parking

Perhaps your farmers market has gotten so big that people are using the adjacent park or other green area for parking. This can create challenges, since not everyone is adept at parking and can accidentally take more room than they need. Rather than allowing unnecessary frustration to continue, consider creating designated parking areas with bollards. Removable bollards can be used to create parking lot perimeters, as well as individual parking spaces. They can also be utilized to outline walkways for people to get to and from their vehicles safely.

Bright-colored bollards, such as those in highly-noticeable yellow or orange hues, are arguably the best options for these applications. Drivers stay aware of the bollards while looking for parking or leaving the premises, which helps everyone behind a wheel or on foot stay safe.

2. Vendor Protection

It’s not uncommon for farmers market vendors to set up their trailers and booths in the street directly next to the sidewalk, depending on the amount of space available. If this is the case with your farmers market, placing bollards behind the vendor trailers and vehicles is highly recommended. This will help drivers avoid accidentally hitting the vendors’ property and inflicting mild to severe damage. It also helps the vendors remain safe, since they are often walking around these areas to obtain this vegetable or that hunk of cheese. The vendors at your farmers market will appreciate your efforts at protecting them and their property, and are more likely to keep coming back as a result. As with makeshift parking lots, opt for bright-colored bollards to improve visibility.

3. Line Creation

Perhaps your market has gotten so popular that designated lines are necessary to keep the events orderly and organized. Bollards once again provide a solution, as removable versions with chain links can be used to create lines wherever you want. Maintaining orderly lines helps avoid tension and overcrowding which can help you maintain the market’s popularity and preserve the entire community vibe. Find the ideal bollards for your farmers market today at 1800Bollards.

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