4 Bollard Applications For Summer Playground Programs

Since bollards are important safety products, they make welcome additions to schools and playgrounds. They also lend themselves to summer playground programs that children in suburban and urban areas are often part of. If you operate one such program, review how bollards can make it even safer and more efficient.

1. Pickup/Dropoff Areas

Removable bollards can be used to create pickup and dropoff areas for parents and their kids. Since these areas are typically congested, bollards help stagger traffic. For example, they can be placed in front of the pickup/dropoff area to prevent drivers from “piling on each other” and possibly causing tension-related issues. These bright-colored bollards are then removed once traffic on the other side is relatively clear. Everyone stays relatively calm as a result, rather than getting upset at the drivers in front of them.

2. Temporary Parking Lots

Some summer playground areas do not include parking lots, which can be problematic for program leaders and volunteers. Rather than spending valuable program time looking for parking spots, contact the local government to see if you can create a temporary parking lot. Adjoining vacant lots or fields provide ideal parking areas. Use removable bollards to establish parking lot boundaries and even parking spaces, which prevents drivers from accidentally taking up two or more spots. Everyone involved in the program has a significantly better chance of arriving at the program on time resulting in a safer and more relaxed experience.

3. Special Activity Areas

Removable bollards are a welcomed addition to special activity area creation, which helps keep various activities separate and the program more orderly. For example, if the first graders will engage in a water balloon fight while third graders enjoy painting- related activities, bollards help the kids with the water balloons “stay inside the lines.” There’s no risk of water hitting the other children and possibly upsetting them. Bollards also help children learn that they cannot just walk up to others engaging in assorted activities without express permission, keeping things more orderly for staff and kids.

4. Perimeter Protection

Depending on the summer playground’s location, permanent bollards can prove advantageous. For example, the summer playground program for children in South Philadelphia, PA takes place under Highway 95, which features a lengthy parking lot. Permanent, high-security bollards surround these lots to prevent wayward vehicles from driving up and possibly inflicting serious injuries, which provides everyone involved with peace of mind. Find bollards for your summer playground today at 1800Bollards.

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