Why Your Upcoming Community Event Needs Bollards

If you are busy planning a large outdoor event for your community, bollards are products that can help your event run significantly smoother and safer. These security products come in a variety of types and offer numerous applications that make them ideal community event additions. Learn why your upcoming event should include bollard usage to inspire your planning efforts.


Bollards help your community event remain safe and secure. For example, perhaps your event includes food trucks lining one side of a busy street. Adding bright-colored bollards behind these trucks, such as those in vivid orange and yellow hues, helps drivers literally steer clear. The chances of cars hitting the trucks decrease significantly and help the owners remain safe. High-security bollards that are capable of stopping several-ton vehicles going up to 50 miles an hour also enhance community event safety, as they provide protection for stores with large glass windows, street vendors, and parks.

Line Organization

Removable bollards make it easy to create lines in front of vendors of all kinds, as well as any carnival games your event features. They help people wait in an orderly fashion instead of getting into arguments over who was first, which is especially important if your event features alcohol. By creating easily-distinguishable lines, you are helping your entire event run smoothly.

Kid & Pet Space Designation

If your event includes special areas for children and pets, such as play spaces for kids and elimination areas for canines, consider using chain-linked bollards. They provide the borders for these spaces to avoid dogs urinating where they shouldn’t and children playing in areas that could be hazardous. Bollards subsequently lower your risk of premise liability issues and the legal troubles that often follow.

Parking Lot Creation

Maybe your community event needs an extra parking area, and a vacant lot will do. Using bollards to create parking areas or spaces avoids wasted square footage that can leave attendees disgruntled. This is extra important if your event happens during summer because it prevents people from parking far away and perspiring under the hot sun before they even arrive at the event. Bollards can also be used to point the way to various parking spaces because they can be outfitted with signage.

These are just some of the ways to use bollards at a wide variety of community events. Find the bollards perfect for your event today at 1800Bollards, your premier bollard partner on the internet.

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