3 Outstanding Uses For Bollards at Gas Stations

If you are the owner or manager of a local gas station, protecting the equipment and your employees is naturally a top priority. One of the best ways to do both is with bollard installations. These security products come in numerous types and offer many applications, including those ideal for gas stations. Review some of the top ways to use bollards at gas stations below.

1. Around the Gas Pumps

A car accidentally crashing into a gas pump is a serious safety hazard, since both the pump and the vehicle can catch fire and explode. Installing permanent bollards can help prevent cars from driving any further making them an essential safety measure. Since drivers are typically not going fast when navigating gas stations, security bollards can easily stop them and prevent catastrophic injuries that can result in legal action and reputation damage. This will help keep both your staff and patrons safe providing you with invaluable peace of mind as a result.

2. Around the Employee Booths

The small booth or booths your employees use to stay warm when it’s cold, avoid rain and snow, and enjoy snacks are vulnerable to wayward drivers. These booths frequently feature significant glass, since the workers must be able to see through them and attend to customers as needed. Surrounding such booths with security bollards provides the same type of protection for them as it does the gas pumps. Your employees will appreciate your concern for their safety and likely work harder as a result, which helps your station enjoy a reputation for friendly, efficient services.

3. Around Gas Spills & Other Hazards

Gas spills can unsurprisingly happen at gas stations. Other spills can also occur, such as those from big rigs fueling up and accidentally spilling chemicals or other hazardous liquids/substances. Portable bollards can be used to surround any spill on your lot and therefore prevent drivers from driving through them and spreading the liquid or other substances. If the spill in question is slippery, such as gasoline, using bollards to identify the issue keeps drivers walking to and from your station’s convenience store from slipping and falling. This is yet another way bollards prevent serious hazards and premise liability issues that can cost the station in various ways.

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